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December 20, 2013

Since 1994, Mediflow® Inc. has had a great reputation within the health care community for developing the Waterbase® pillow - an effective water filled pillow for reducing neck pain and improving quality of sleep. If you've tried every different therapeutic and memory foam pillow on the market, and you can't seem to find the right memory foam pillow for your needs, it's time to think outside of the foam to improve your quality of sleep.

For people who suffer from constant tossing and turning, neck or back pain or even sleep apnea, a basic memory foam neck pillow simply won't cut it. Most neck pain and sleep apnea pillows come with one-firmness fits all memory foam. This memory foam may be too firm or too soft depending on your personal preference. If you're searching for a neck pain or sleep apnea pillow that can be customized to fit your level of comfort and improve the quality of sleep, the Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow is the solution that you have been looking for.

The Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow’s reputation has been enhanced with the publication of a clinical study conducted at world-famous Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The study, which was the only one of its kind done on pillows, concluded that the Mediflow® Waterbase® pillow was more effective than any other pillow tested (foam pillows included) to improve the quality of sleep and reduce neck pain in subjects suffering from chronic neck pain

In 2006, after many years of successful growth in the medical market, Mediflow®  decided to offer the Waterbase®  pillow to the American retail market for the first time. Since its introduction, millions have been sold. These innovative, water filled pillows have been accepted by leading retailers across the United States


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The Brand New Mediflow Elite Pillow

Now introducing the newest addition to the Mediflow family of products; The Mediflow Elite Pillow, our finest quality!

The Mediflow Elite Pillow contains the timeless water base technology that has made Mediflow famous.  The water base pillow product category has been pioneered by Mediflow and the company continually innovates and develops the Mediflow Pillow to provide its customers with a product that ensures a great night’s sleep.  The most recent addition to the product line is our highest quality and can now be exclusively purchased at FrontGate and select Bed, Bath and Beyonds.  The following features have been added to the Mediflow Pillow to make the New Mediflow Elite Pillow:

  • Hand Sewn Woven Rope Cord Edge
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee/3 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • 300 Thread Count/100% Sateen Cover
  • INVISTA’s Newest PURESTUFF Polyester Fiber which is loftier and will stay lofty longer

In 1994, Mediflow produced the original water base pillow and actively gained recognition in retail markets such as Amazon, where the Mediflow Pillow is the number 1 selling pillow, with over 4 million sold and over 1,000 reviews averaging 4 out of 5 stars.  Besides gaining notoriety in the retail markets, The Mediflow Pillow has been praised by healthcare professionals after the release of a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine clinical study that ranked The Mediflow Pillow best in all categories tested, including quality of sleep and reduction in neck pain. The Mediflow Elite Pillow is now being sold at a select number of Bed, Bath and Beyonds in the United States. 

Mediflow believes in the importance of sleep and it's impact on one's overall health.   The added benefits for achieving a quality night's rest range from energy, confidence, less stress and increase in physical appearance.  In a world where you are constantly on the go, we believe when you do lay your head onto your pillow, it should be a pillow that has been trusted by over 4 million people and approved by prestigious health institutions such as Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Give us a try and we promise not to disappoint.  We are so confident in our pillow that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.  The holiday season is here, so give a loved one, “the gift of a good night’s sleep.”  We promise it will be the gift that keeps on giving!


The Mediflow Elite Pillow is exlcusively sold at Bed, Bath & Beyond and

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